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Found 17th Dec 2010

Mini disaster. Our double oven hinges have gone on the main oven as the door does not shut fully. The oven is a Neff and is 21 years old. To replace the hinges it will cost approx £75 - £90. I have swapped the hinges from the small oven, which now means the main oven closes but the small oven has obviously inherited the problem. Bizarrely the small oven door now shuts, but it cannot stay open!

Anyway. With a week to go until the Turkey gets cooked, I was thinking maybe its time for a new oven, so:

1) Any recommendations on built in double ovens? Any good deals happening at the moment?
2) If I get a new oven then I would need to collect it from wherever I buy from or get is delivered asap.
3) Do you need a qualified person to replace the oven, or is it simple exercise that I could do (obvioulsy i'd turn the electric off)

Many thanks.
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I see your dilema, kudos for having the knowledge and balls to change the hinge over. Anyway enought of that rubbish, heres my tips;

1) Not sure about recommendations but i guess the Neff cooker served you very well in the past (21 years) therefore i would go for somethign along those lines or a bosch etc. basically, a decent brand.
2)With the state of teh roads and news that the lorries are blocking every avaliable road, i think it is wise to pick up for a shop. I would try and buy on line with a good retailer and use quidco or the likes to reduce the price and have a store pick up.
3) Now this is the real question. I can not say with great confidence but as long as you do not have to "plumb" anything in you should be fine. If i remember correctly my oven (stand alone) has a rubber hose from the gas point which is connected to the oven via a "push and twist" connection. If you can get this form of connection (which i believe you will have) then there is no need for an expensive plumber.

Hope this helps.
Don't know if a double oven is the same? We have just replaced a built in single oven, easy to take out (4 screws) & it just plugged into a normal plug socket. (From Comet)
Your double oven will need to be "Hard Wired" and will be connected on it's own circuit via a 30 or 40 amp breaker or fuse. I would not recommend you do it yourself although it is a very straightforward connection BUT the earth loop should be checked because it could be lethal if not right.

Look for the ENR (E number inc ALL digits/letters) If you let me know I MAY be able to help you fix yours! The ENR should be on a smaal metal label on the inside of the door frame :-)
We bought one last month. It was quite difficult to be honest, yes there are alot about but you won't find many places that have take away stock, they do of some but none of the ones that took our fancy.

Is it a build in or built under. In the end i went for this with digital touch screen i am very impressed with it, gets a bit of getting used to for the timer. Never had a double eye level oven beofre and i think thats what im liking.

This is the one i went for not from amazon though from a local retailer and compared to most this comes with a 2yr quarantee rather than a 1,
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Thanks all, planned to go out to look this afternoon at ovens but the snow has landed and there is quite a lot of it.
Funnily tried using the main oven last night and as it heated up the door opened slightly, which I think confirms the hinges taken from the Grill Oven are not strong enough.

Race is on to get an oven for Christmas!
My current plan is, Christmas is off. Only kidding we are going around the inlaws instead of staying at home now. Then I will see who has the best sale offer (after Christmas) and hopefully 0% credit to help with the purchase.

I will get an electrican round to help with the installation.

I can see what will happen next, the wife will say, "The new oven looks great, shame the Gas hob look rubbish and the extractor fan and the work surface and the tiles".

I fear for my bank balance, lol.
get yourself to john lewis for the sale on boxing day or it might be the 27th this year. we have a built in electric double and its very good. has lots of functions on it we dont use like recipe functions like tell it your cooking lasagna and it will set the oven at the right timer, tell you what shelf to put it on and temperature. very nifty

JL ones are AEG

and AEG (Advanced Engineering Germany).......is owned by electrolux! made in italy?
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