built in freeview

    Hi, my tv has built in freeview and I'm recording programmes via a usb stick. Is there any way I can record one program while watching another or would I have to buy a freeview recorder box?. Thanks in advance


    You need another tuner
    Do you have a spare freeview box?

    *As if you have or can get one, then connect it to your tv, put the aerial in the back of the freeview box instead of your tv, and connect another coaxial lead from the back of the freeview box's 'tv out' to the aerial port in your tv.
    Then you'll be able to record a program on your tv and watch a different channel through the freeview box
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    You can only record 1 channel at a time on tvs.. You need to get a freeview recorder like a Humux that can record 2 programs at the same time. We have cable TV.... monthly contract.... and that can record 3 programmes at the same time and I hear the new boxes with record 4.
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