Buisness Letter Layout - Urgent help - Exam tomorrow!

    I have an exam tomorrow (only Key Skills but a qualification is a qualification)

    Anyway, we might be asked to write a buisness letter in it & after being taught throughtout secondary school to do it like this

    Recipient Address --------------------------- Sender Address

    ----------------------------------- Date

    Dear Sir/Madam

    etc etc

    On thursday in tutorial in college we were given a leaflet & were told to fully left align everything like this

    Sender Address


    Recipient address

    Dear Sir/Madame

    etc etc

    Now, my step dad has never seen anything like this in 50 years of work, neither has my mum & Thursday was the first time I have ever seen anything like it.

    Have any of you as I am tempted to do it the first way as it looks right.

    I may just do it the way they have said & then write at the end a note to the examiner stating that I would do it differently (& do a sketch) but we have been told it is right.

    any advice would be welcome


    Please ignore dashes, it wouldnt let me do the layout otherwise.



    i'm sure the 2nd one is the proper layout for a business letter

    if they've told you thats the way to do it, id stick with the second way...
    HATED key skills when i was at school..they told us it counted as ucas points too-just to get us to turn up for the exams.they were lying.
    best of luck for tomoro buddy!

    I have always done

    Recipient address and your reference on the left and sender address and date on the right

    I worked for many years in an Accountants and in the Courts and this is the way I have always typed letters.

    Good Luck with your exam:)

    i agree with lynds - the first layout is a 'personal' letter layout - alignment to the left is business

    oh yeah sorry best of luck

    Original Poster

    Thanks alot for the replies, I will probebly do it how they have said then, even if it looks alien to me haha!

    No idea where i am doing the exam yet though so need to get it sorted out first!

    More interested in my January AS level paper results which we get on Thursday! Like a kid at christmas haha!


    I have worked in various officers for the last 36 years - the first example is the correct one it is used in 99% of officers, for some unknown reason somebody came up with the second example about ten years ago maybe a bit longer , I would suggest that you submit your work as per the second example and get the best mark possible

    Just do as they ask - when you get into the real world you will find out what business requires and not some so called expert making up exam papers

    Best of luck

    Original Poster

    Turned out we didnt need it in the end, had to write an article instead, pretty easy exam though so should have passed.
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