Found 4th Feb 2008
Hi, jus bought some ceiling lights and two of the bulbs have fused already!!! It takes "G9- 40 W" bulbs which i have not seen before. Anyone know where i can get these from-CHEAP.



your best bet (IMO) is to find a local electrical wholesaler and try there. they buy from the same place as B&Q, Homebase etc., but don't have the same overheads so their product prices tend to be much lower. this is where your electrician would buy things from, but you don't need to be trade to use them. Also, they tend to have a much wider range that most other shops. Search [url][/url] for "electrical wholesalers/suppliers/distributors" in your area and give them a call. if they can't help, they'll know where can.

It is VERY important that you do not touch these bulbs with your fingers when replacing them. These halogen bulbs get very hot in operation and even tiny amounts of oil or grease from your skin will create a hot spot and the bulb will fail early. Use an insulating piece of kitchen paper when pushing the bulb in or use disposable vinyl gloves

If you can find them on ebay you will save yourself a lot of money buying from local retailers. Some of my lights fail 2 pin 12v 50w we have paid anything from £2 for 3 at the local shop 25p each from wilkinsons as a discounted line and just recently got 20 for £15 from ebay. Hope this is of help
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