Bulgaria hotel feedback

    Just wondering if any1 has stayed in hotel arda in sunny beach bulgaria????
    if so whats it like??????


    a 5 second google check brings up reviews…tml

    ............actually, perhaps you better not read the reviews...........................gulp!

    Hotel Alba brap brap brap

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    i just have lol no wonder the rep in hays said it was a good deal lol


    i just have lol no wonder the rep in hays said it was a good deal lol

    have u booked it? found other reviews on different websites - all saying more or less the same.

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    no not yet. was looking for somewhere reasonably priced but must be good with feedback

    check out trip advisor, i use regular..sometimes have to read between the lines cos people complain about nothing....

    vicknanth, steer clear of tripadvisor. The people on there seem to complain for the sake of complaining. Ive been to some beautiful parts of the world, in some of the nicest hotels and still i find the worst reviews on there.
    If you do decide to let it influence you, take everything with a pinch of salt. Think about it, holidays to some people are considered a big investment, you spend alot of time planning, deciding, packing, booking etc . . . . if something goes wrong you want people to know about it. Trip advisor is one of the few places that people can vent their frustrations about their holidays apon their return.
    Always remember, very few people will bother to register with the site to compliment a holiday, many will register to share a bad experience though.

    Tripadvisor is a very valuable tool, you just need to know how to read it.
    Look at who is writing the review, is it a couple? a family? retired couple? all are looking for a different type of holiday.
    If there are negative reviews, find the common factor among all the reviews. E.g. Something annoyed them, and after that everything annoyed them. If that factor is something you can live with - no problem.
    Compare the hotel with others of a similar price/market in the same area. Common complaint in Bulgaria is the food being cold, the other hotels might well have the same issues.

    As for Bulgaria, I was working there at the beginning of the season - down the road from Sunny Beach. Wasn't really my kind of place, but thats my opinion. However the place is really cheap, but you need to get out of the tourist areas to take advantage. Sunny Beach is just as pricey as Spain. Outside the resorts I paid 40lev for a two course meal for 4 with drinks - thats less than 20quid.

    Hope you enjoy your holidays - wherever you go

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