Bulgaria Skiing

    Hi, I've booked up to go skiing in Bulgaria, Borovets in in Feb, I was wondering if there's anyone else who's been there and can offer any advice information?

    I'm to be staying in the Samokov Hotel on a Half Board basis.

    I am particularly interested in the price of food/drink whilst on the resort.



    been to bulgaria twice-very cheap although not so much as it was a few years ago.

    the best tip you will ever get to make your money go further is to take us dollars with you instead of sterling-they are absolutely desperate for american currency and anything you buy in a shop or market you can negotiate amazing deals if you can pay in us dollars.

    first time we went we had sterling but had been tipped off to this by the second time we went -they dont have many american tourists-mostly russian and british so their source of dollars is very limited-you will save a fortune!

    i went to Borovets 5 years ago, guess it has changed since i went.
    Dont get talking to the Bulgarian girls.
    I did when I went and now im married to her!!!!
    Dont buy dinner in the hotels, go to the pubs and bars, they have great barbecued food.
    Make friends with a bulgarian and let them get the ski lift passes, it is about 80% cheaper for the locals than tourists

    Went years ago when it was still commie. Went to Pamporovo which I think is near Borovets. Standard money change outlets gave poor rate and there were lots of hotel staff who knew someone who could get you a better rate on the black market. Friend got ripped off doing this so if its still offered take care.
    When it snows, it really snows. Go prepared. We were restricted fron taking photos in some places but probably different now. Food and drink used to be very cheap. Food a little like turkish food.
    In the past there was little to do in the evenings except hotelyou could get in bar/restaurant or local swimming pool. Maybe more now. In the past all road signs were in cyrillic script so difficult to get about unless you could get instructions in english. Again may be different now. You should enjoy it but its different to a european resort.

    I went to Borovets but it was back in 1995. I would have thought that things will have changed a lot since then. We stayed at the Hotel Rila which is right at the bottom of the ski runs - it was not the best hotel I've ever stayed in. The food was very poor, the rooms were not that good but the skiing was excellent and this is, after all, what you are going for.

    The runs cater for complete beginners to expert and all points in between. Within a week I went from being unable to stand up on skis to taking the lift to the top of the first set of runs and skiing all the way down again. I really enjoyed the skiing and the views but was initially put off by the standard of the hotel and the staff. Realised at the end of the week that the hotel was merely a base and was to be used as such
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