Bulk buy lindor truffles or Ferrero Rocher?

Found 5th Mar 2013
Hi All,

I need to buy loads of ferrero rocher or lindor truffles for my wedding. Any suggestions where I can bulk buy?

Thanking you in advance.
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How many do you need?

How many do you need?

I need 500 pieces

I need 500 pieces

That would be tree fiddy

I dedicate that one to SouthParkFan
The Ocada offer above seems to best best atm
Thanks mboora
Wait until after Easter if you can. The prices seem to drop then.
If you have a lindt outlet shop near you there sell lindt lindor pick n mix for £1.99 per 100g but buy over 500g and you get a 30% discount. I calculate you would need about 7.8KG for. 500 pcs which would cost about £111 but i would ask for an extra bulk discount.
Makro or Costco could be your best bet, otherwise I'm sure a wholesaler should be able to sort you out.

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