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Found 16th May 2006
Hi all..

This is kind of a deal request and technical help combo.. I took out Bulldog broadband over 1 year ago, and I think it was 4mbps then. Everything used to be fine, then when they upgraded us to 8mbps the connection would be lost after a few minutes.
Then they thought they needed to cap off my speed as my line couldn't handle it. They capped it off at 7 and it's never gone higher than 6.8 but it's been fine. Bulldog told me that I didn't live close enough to the exchange ( even though they said it was 1 mile away from my home)
My question is: now that they've brought out 16mbps is there any point me upgrading if my line won't handle it? & would i get a better more reliable speed with a different modem?
I've asked Bulldog but get passed around not really being told the answer.

My deal request is any better deals than bulldog really. I need unlimited downloads and ideally 16+ speed if my line can handle it. Not bothered for a phone line but if it's part of the deal I'd take it.

Sorry this is for long! Thanks for anyone that stuck with it and can help.
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I'm not sure about the 16mb/s but the 6.8 cap you have now is probably right for 7mb/s as other factors will determine the true speed.

I would think that the exchange will be the upgrade for 16mb/s and that your phone line would then be able to handle it. I expect someone more knowledgable would know about that

I'm on NTL cable 10mb/s [promised upgrades in the near future I read somewhere]. No problems with it so far...
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