Bully from Zavvi

Received my copy of Bully from Zavvi that was posted a few days ago on here

It was clearly a second hand copy - disc was really badly scratched and no seal etc on the box

not at all happy, was looking forward to playing this but am gona have to return it now and wait for a new copy to be sent out


amazon are now cheaper, i managed to cancel zavvi in time


I'm always sceptical when major retailers suddenly do a crazy price drop. Have had several bad experiences with Play in the past, when they've sent me resealed games and have had to return. ARGHH!!

I got mine today too - I ordered 5 games, condemned 2, bully(360),okami(Wii), tomb raider (wii)......'n one more I've forgotten lol.

3 have come today, okami is sealed but Condemned 2 and Bully(both 360) definately aren't sealed.......

Infact both have minor marking on the lazer side of the disc, one has a very thin scratch. I can tell condemned 2 is 'used' by the fact that the disc impression (ring) is showing on the back-cover artwork from 'some' usage.

Guess I'm happy enough really.....

Original Poster

just played it for a while - the load scenes are a real pain in the a**e every few mins theres one and its the same few stills that appear

I reckon these 'used' games are actually ones that they get given back for refunds - hence the light wear / soiling on the discs / packaging

They shouldn't sell it as new if it's unsealed.

Lovefilm did the same to me, simply not good enough.


Isn't there a law or something in place to stop retailers doing this?
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