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Found 7th Sep 2008
I'm looking to upgrade my desktop but I am not up to date on the latest technology or prices. I do know I want a dual core processor (at least 1.8GHz, per core) and minimum of 2GB of RAM. My budget is around £75 to £125 but could stretch to £150 if a good deal came along.

What specifications can I expect for this price and where might be the best places to find these bundles?

Also, will my Radeon 9800 Pro and Audigy Sound Blaster be compatible with the majority of current motherboards?

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Don't think you will be using the 9800 as it will be AGP and not pci-e. But they are so cheap now anyway.
ebuyer.com/pro…715 £57
ebuyer.com/pro…212 £31
ebuyer.com/pro…177 £33

motherboard has PCI so should support audigy, although there is sound onboard

If you need a graphics card for gaming: ebuyer.com/pro…098 £45
basic one, watching a few videos, sufing: ebuyer.com/pro…002 £22

don't forget it's best to have PCI-E connections on your PSU if running a PCI-E graphics card, 500W ones are not too expensive now, a decent one would set you back around £30-35

If you want to save a bit on the processor (the E5200 is great, but a E2180 may be fine, runs at 2.0Ghz) ebuyer.com/pro…064 £43.50
Thanks for the advice. Just to let you know, I have followed your advice AugQX. I've orderd the processor, mobo, memory and 8600GT including a new 500w powersupply. It should arrive on Wednesday
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