Bunk bed new, required for under £200 please including mattresses

    i have found 3 places selling them for £199 which are…spx…htm…tml

    surely there must be somewhere out there cheaper than this?


    Don't buy a cheap bunk bed. Have you seen what can happen to the kids.

    Unless you have a cunning plan :whistling:

    if i was looking to stay under that budget i would get second-hand frames and better quality mattresses as i think you might struggle at the price?…290

    or more expensive frame £96

    A word of caution-i bought cheap bunks years ago-they looked nice. First night my 6 year old got on the top bunk and jumped(he wasnt heavy)and a slat snapped and his weight under it impaled the bottom mattress. Luckily son 2 wasnt in it. Returned beds next day and bought ones that i was sure would even take an adults weight. I wouldnt buy them without seing them.


    Thread now moved from 'misc' to Deal Requests' ~ thanks for the report
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