Bunk beds - what age can they be used from

Found 20th Mar 2010
We are just moving our sons in to the same room - they are nearly 2 and 4. Is this too early for bunk beds? - as these would give them lots more room.

Also can anyone recomend good safe bunk beds and any good prices - thanks
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My son was in an Ikea cabin bed from the age of 4 so i don't see why you can't put them in bunk beds as long as the top one has guard rails.....
... and as long as the child in the top bunk is fully continent....
I've got now 3 year old twins, Due to the size of their bedroom I had to get bunkbeds as couldnt fit 2 standard beds in there. They have been in bunks from being about 2 yr 8 months I think it was. They have been taught to be very careful when climbing up and down themselves and have been suprisingly good with them. (I was half expecting a trip or 2 to a&e at first but i was proven wrong)

The only problem that I have is sometimes the arguements with whos sleeping on top, other than that no problem at all since the day I got them.
I put my son in a "high bed" from Ikea too when he was 5- as long as there is a bed guard on top although ladders to 2 year old will be "oh so appealing!!"
mine went in bunk beds at that age, never had a prob untill now they are 4 and 6 and both want top bunk!
There's no "age", only you should know if they are competent enough to get up and down by themselves.
Thank you all for your comments - wanted to check I didnt suddenly gets lots of horror stories posted before I bought them. Will start looking around for one today.
I have bunk bed but was in the same dilemma as you so we top and tailed in the bottom bunk until the older child was more confident and we also used a bed guard on the bottom bunk for the smaller one as they can role out at this age. Hope this helps.
I think standard bunk beds recommend that the child sleeping on the top bunk is 6 years or over.

My son was just 4 when we got him a midsleeper - it's about 1m high and you can stash all their toys underneath. I personally wouldn't have put him in a full size bunk bed at that age, maybe 2 midsleepers would be another option?

With a full height bunk bed also, I would be willing to put money on the fact that you will happen to find your 2 year old up there every now and again too which you may want to take into consideration :-D

There are junior beds in Ikea that are slimmer than a full size bed, a standard 3ft bed will take up a significant amount of unneccessary space with such young children. They also have an extending bed that you can have at different lengths
my boys went in from the age of 4 and 2.

Word of warning, be careful when they are ill.........the older one lent over the top and threw up while his little brother was fast asleep below! Not very pleasant!

That is the one ive had the twins in since before they were 3. I have had no problems at all with it, there is alround support on the top bunk and a bed rail can be used on the bottom bunk if needed. I found that my two could climb this ladder easier and safer than a sloping ladder.

I know there are the recommended ages given but think that all depends on your child, you are going to know best if they are suitable for your youngsters. I knew that mine would have no issues getting in and out of bed and that they could be sensible enough with them. I was a bit wary at first but am so glad i got them the bunks, they have been no problem at all with them.
Good beds can be purchased at the online store bunk beds
Thanks korek5, just in the nick of time too
should be ok in bunk beds now
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