Burger King Victoria - Wheres my fries?

    Was reading the post on Mccy D's and reminded me of the time I had the misfortune of stopping off for something to eat at Burger King in London Victoria - Let me tell you my tale - LOL

    Bought a meal, proberly a regular, and luckily (or unluckily) after receiving the bag I looked inside before setting off. It literally had about 5 fries inside (well, definitely no more than 7)!!!!!! I showed the assistant and asked if he could fill it up a bit more, he mumbled something and then proceeded to fill it up by adding a few more (once again, a very small amount of about 4 more). I could see I was going to be there a while to get a regular portion on fries so made do.

    Do you reckon I just got a jobs-worth serving me or is it BKs policy to penalise customers who decide not to 'go-large' with their meal. I think they must do it alot as its at a busy station and the majority of their business must be passing trade.

    I will take my business back to Mccy D's from now on

    Anyone else experienced something similar?, please share............

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    All im saying is that Burger king fries are FIT
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