burning a cd - help

    right, tonight my cd writer finally died on me trying to make a cd for the car,and i cant get my dvd writer to write a cd. is there something i need to do first to enable it to write cd's?

    any/all help appreciated


    It could be the software your using, give the following a go?

    Use ImgBurn…oad

    Use data option to burn CD, alternatively try the following

    How to write an Audio CD from music files using ImgBurn…555

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    If its died on you the infra red eye has lost ability to read, it happens , I am onto my third in four years as i use it a lot.

    you need to provide more details on the problem.
    if you put a cd in the drive can you read it?
    if you try to burn a cd what error message do you get?
    what software are you using to burn a cd?

    Original Poster

    sorry for the delay in replying,i got it sorted.
    went into properties and clicked the little box to enable cd writing.

    thanks for the replies folks.
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