Burning DVD's from Laptop

    I'm trying to burn DVD's from my laptop, some work fine, but at the moment the majority are getting so far through then freezing with no success if i try and fast forward etc.

    Im now using Nero but was using a programme already on the laptop before so i know it isnt the software, used many different disks so i know its not that?

    Rep for any help. thanks in advance


    is your nero a trial version.
    use VSO

    What speed are you burning them at?

    try searching for a firmware update for the drive. and try different media (the price difference between cheaper media and verbatim is small enough now that you really should just buy verbs). download the trial of dvdinfopro and do a PI/PO error test. if you do some googling you'll find information on how to understand the results.

    If you're burning really slow or getting drop outs then check that all your drives are in DMA mode, and not PIO.

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    It is a trial version yes. not sure about the speed but pretty sure its low, maybe 16X, will google VSO now

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    also using Maxell DVD-R

    should i be using the DVD+R is there any difference?

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    burnt this slower and success!! Thanks all. adding rep, thanks especially to Bruffterman, dvdinfo pro was excellent when i googled results.

    Use DVD Decryper, it's free and has never let me down in 4 years.
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