Burning sensation in nose/sinus

    Woke up about 30 mins with a burning sensation up my nose! Now been up bout 30 mins and can't shake it! Asked my dad who had some nasal spray! Tried that but didn't work!
    Gutted can't get to sleep like this and have work in the morning!
    Hope I'm not getting I'll as it's my birthday on Wednesday and have been I'll WAY too many times on previous years!

    Any ideas!
    Please no jokes as I nose i can't take it!


    stop doing whatever it is that you are usually irritating your nose with and it will stop!

    Sounds similar to something I had yesterday. I woke up with a burny back of nose, feeling run down and things didn't taste right.

    Feel great today though so here's fingers crossed for you.

    Original Poster

    Thanks, didnt get to sleep until after 4.
    Now at work shattered

    Lucky i finish at 3 today.
    But its my brithday tomorrow and i REALLY don't wanna feel ill on it!
    Need I say more?:whistling:

    have u had any jimmy cliff ?? lol

    To much charlie ?

    sniff sniff is it a cold:whistling:
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