Burning smell from new light roses

    installed new roses and pendants in my sitting room, they smell a bit of burning.

    not sure if I wired the switch correctly - old one had L3 and L2 this has L1,L2 andL3 - neither had a com input?


    Be careful! Turn them off until you get them checked out.

    Check the connections at the roses are tight, burning/fishy smell usually a sign of a loose connection.

    Sounds like burning so may have a wire not secure. Bend a single wire back on itself if you can as that helps secure it. If you have more than 1 wire strip back and twist together, then snip end off ready to insert to secure with screw. Switches are just an in out. L1 l2 is a one way switch where you have just 1 switch for 1 light. 2 way switches have L1 l2 l3. You need the 3rd l3 to create 2 way switching...not explaining that!.... You can use a 3 way switch instead of a one way switch by not using L3 for anything.

    arcing ?

    Remove them and examine the wires to see if there is any sign of burning
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