Burning Software for ISO9660

Found 28th Apr 2010
Trying to update the Blu Ray......... I use Vista hence the statement below but also have another machine with Windows 7 but no CD drive in that one!

The firmware update disc requires to be created with ISO9660 format. In case you are creating the disc on a Windows Vista PC, Windows Vista standard writing application does NOT support ISO9660 format. Please create with a supporting writing software.

Can anyone recommend a bit of freeware for burning ISO9660? Is ISO9660 just a normal ISO imagine?!?

Lost with a capital L !!

Rep for whoever can point me in the right direction!!

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Imgburn should do the trick
I agree, it's about the most reliable. You can get it from here

Use the guides in the help section to get your ISO image created.
Imgburn, only burner you need.
just downloaded imgburn and burning a disc at the moment! Thanks to all above will rep you all!

All this hassle to watch Avatar!!

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