Burnout Paradise (360 Thread)

    Burnout Paradise is out today, I'm looking for both high street and online prices. Looking to buy today.

    On my walk into work today GameStation are selling it at the ridiculous price of 49.99!

    Any beaters? I've know HMV and Woolworths are selling it for £39.99 and online ShopTo have it for £37.99.



    I wonder if it's in the PC World 2 for £60 offer that they do on 360 games? COD4 was on the weekend of launch I remember.

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    I ended up going to HMV instore and getting it for 39.95. A fiver saving is not worth the wait in my opinion.

    Thanks though!

    £37.99 at Sainsburys

    £40 at zavvi - discounted to £36 with student discount

    Burnout Paradise for the Xbox 360 is in the Currys 2 for £60 offer but unfortunately CoD4 isn't (according to the girl who rang them through in Edinburgh tonight for me).

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