Burnout Paradise PS4 (remastered)

Found 16th Mar
Can anyone get this game to play at 4K HDR using a PS4 Pro?
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no not yet , unlike assassins creed origins and horizon zero dawn my tv goes HDR in top right corner , i use a lg tv 4k HDR tv set , and use 4k app tv which also makes the tv go into a HDR mode that comes up in tp right tv screen ? so my thoughts are it is 4k only , as the tv does not go HDR top right corner , anyone else?
oh **** , its you lol didn't click just saw the question haha . the best racing game ever made ad always been gagging for another , so remaster is amazing and they will continue to support it , it looks set to sell well , criterion made game with need for speed , then they just vanished .
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This was my favourite ps3 game - didn't know it was available on ps4, must look harder...
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