Burnt clothes on oven top.

Posted 15th Dec 2019
In a flurry of housework, I accidentally took my washing out the machine and put it on a switched off but still warm oven ring. It burnt through a cotton jumper before I realised what I'd done but now the oven top is a mess, with some scratches where I had to do some hard grafting to get the charred material off.

Any recommendations on products that will get the oven top back to its cleanest - or some sort of witch craft to remove the scratches - would be much appreciated.
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Pink stuff is good, I burnt my phone in it’s rubber case on my cooker top, it cleaned up really well.
Yeah I'd second that pink stuff,(think we got from home bargains) very good at cleaning stuff up
We use this on our halogen hob. Excellent stuff and available at pound shops and Home Bargains.
Oh I feel your pain. I did this with a plastic tub. I used hob brite/cif and a ceramic hob scraper. Mine is a black AEG and unfortunately scratches very easily and there’s nothing I can do to get rid of them so I just have to accept that’s the way it is. To make matters worse a while later a tin fell out the cupboard and chipped the edge of it
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Open doors and windows, as can get smoky m. turn the oven on. Dont try getting the material off when hob ring is cold will make it worse. I used a wall paper scraper to get off then once its cooled down, i used elbow grease in spray.
Defo pink stuff can get it in £1 shop
Its glass you are not going to remove the scratches buy the product in the link in the future if it happens again

Thanks all, anyone provide a photo of the pound shop pink stuff so I know what I'm looking for? And I'm assuming its Poundland?
39384321-efVbF.jpgMight be a quid in most shops
i was in loft and hung my best suit near a lightbulb, it burnt through cover and jacket shoulder! phoned insurance, no fire, no claim!
Home and bargain also sell pink stuff
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