Bush Camcorder TDV552 help needed

    Our 9 year old wants a camcorder for xmas and we've decided to get him the Bush TDV552 camcorder from Argos (cat no 5634392)
    However, athough it states that it takes SD cards, we aren't convinced the description is right and want to make sure before we buy it.
    Also it isn't clear whether there is a strap on the side of the camcorder to slip your hand through.
    Is there a limit to the size of SD card you can use?
    If anyone has this one you confirm?
    The reason why we are unsure is that there is another similar Bush camcorder at Argos,the Bush TDV562B (cat number 5634378) which people have found to be microSD and not SD so I don't trust them to get it right.As they are non-returnable items I want to make sure we get it right before we buy.
    We were unsure of which one to get but thought the TDV552 looks more compact.
    Is a SD preferable overmicroSD in terms of camcorder use?
    A friend is collecting it for us so if we could find out beforehand that would be great.

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