Bush LCD and Freeview - Fuzzy/blocky freeview with squeeking sounds

Found 20th Sep 2009
Anyone every experienced this? Becoming quite regular for me

On certain channels, at certain times (Like right now, Channel 5) the picture will go blocky in places and a sqeeking sound will come from the speakers - really, REALLY annoying.

Its perfect for Xbox, Bluray etc. just Freeview - which leads me to believe its the inbuilt freeview, or an ariel problem

Any ideas peeps?
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Have you got another tv where you can test the ariel, or is it a built in ariel?
Sounds like poor reception to me, have you tried re-scanning it?
yeah defo sounds like poor ariel reception buy a booster should sort it tho weather can a play a part sometimes
my bush tv works amazing with my inbuilt freeview reciever and also my sky+ box...
looks like you have something wrong with the reception try to do a complete auto search...
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