Posted 23rd Jan 2023
Hello everyone...
I need help please...Is it possible to do screen mirroring with a Bush tv? description on the tv said Miracast available. If yes, can I please know how to do it?

I tried downloading apps on the TV and on my phone (tried both, android and iPhone) still couldn't do it...(its working on a different tv with same smartphones)

Thank you in advance
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    Don’t know what model your tv is but in the manual for the Bush DLED55UHDSFIRE Fire TV sold by Argos it says:

    ”Enable Display Mirroring.
    Enable mobile devices to temporarily mirror their display to your TV, by making it discoverable. This referred to as Display Mirroring or Miracast on your device.

    Highlight Enable Display Mirroring and press Select. Display Mirroring screen will be displayed. Your TV is ready now for display mirroring.“

    This is found in the Settings/ Display & Sound. (edited)
    Thank you so much, I saw that in the manual but couldn't figure out where was that option. I'll go and check in "Display & Audio". I'll update. (edited)
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    What model is it? Is it running Android TV or Vewd?

    If it's Android then it should just act as if you have a Chromecast built in to your TV.

    If it's Vewd then you should be able to view the list of sources and switch to wireless display. You should then be able to use the TV Smart Centre app or basic screen mirroring options in your phone.
    Its says 4K UHD, HDR10, Dolby Vision, Fire TV Edition TV. I had to put my amazon account to set up the TV.
    Don't know if that can help.
    It doesn't say anything about android or viewd.
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    IIRC Apple have never supported Miracast so don't expect the iPhone to work. Are you sure it's working on the other TV and not just casting (i.e. opening the corresponding app on the TV)?

    Most android phones support it, but some don't. I'm surprised a TV running Fire OS supports it, as Amazon never supported it on their own devices but looking online there are definitely "Bush" models running Fire OS that claim Miracast support.

    What does the TV's manual say?
    Manual says something about miracast but I couldn't find where in setting should I go.

    Someone helped me, its in "Display&Audio".
    I'll check and update here (edited)
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