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Bush TV's. Are they any good?

Posted 2nd Nov 2005
I was looking at this bush tv in homebase today, it seems like a fairly good price. tinyurl.com/9aox6 (In store was 179) but are bush TV's likely to last or do they suck? I have a Panasonic at the moment that is really old and I picked it up second hand for 60quid about 9 years ago but still runs fine and is great quality considering it's age so I'd like to buy one that I know will last.

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I'm not too impressed.

had an intergrated TV & Freeview. had a weird whistling sound most of the 11mths I have had it and just got around to getting a repair.

options are poor. if u get and Intergrated TV if the picture isnt broadcast in widescreen then u can change it,,, u get the black sides.

it was also advertised as having 7 day tv guide and doesnt AND the support is apalling took then 10 days to simply say they can't help!

otherwise,, not bad LOL
oh ok, it sounds like most of those problems are with the built in freeview though? I already have a freeview box and tend to avoid 'all in one' electronics. Even so, maybe I should wait until after Christmas and pick up some deals around then...I can't decide.
general poor feel to the build as well ... faulty and bad customer service.

can see a major 'Tube' tv clearout after chrimbo.... get a decent make
Thanks, I might wait until after christmas then although I did see these deals from hyperfi.co.uk Panasonic TX28PN1 for 150quid (ex display). I'm quite a big fan of Panasoinics as I have one at the moment which has been great.
Has anyone used hyperfi before, are they any good?
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