Business bank account for Amazon Seller

Posted 30th Aug 2018
Hi, what is the cheapest and best business bank account I can use as an Amazon Seller. I am just starting my journey as a seller and want a seperate account.
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We use HSBC purely because we have a branch locally. They gave us free banking for a year.
Does it need to be a business account for them? I sell on there FBM and FBA.
You only need a business account once the bank cotton on and try to make you switch, otherwise just use a separate personal account. I'd be amazed if they ever do notice.
Ongoing zero charges is pretty cheap. Decent array of business-orientated services included with a Starling Buiness account. May require a Starling Personal account first, although the personal account may meet your needs and pays (small) interest on balance.…nt/
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