Business databases????

    im looking for a business database for the north east, to help out a mate who is running a new business. Have found some for like £160 but seems steep. anyone know where i can find them free or cheaper?


    It depends really what your after! I do databases for small business etc and prices vary quite a bit. I you let me know what your mate has asked for then i can let you know what the going rate is or what my rate would be

    I can also put something together for you as well.

    As Abz has said above, you will need to give some criteria details and maybe an idea of what the business is doing.

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    sorry i think ive written it wrong lol.....hes looking for a database of businesses, to contact.

    saying that....he might need a client database at some will keep you guys in mind

    I have a database of 2.4 million UK companies.

    If you give me the areas you are interested in, I can quote you for it.

    If you PM me your email address I can also send a sample of the area required.
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