Business Laptop wanted

    Does anyone have any recomendations or know of any decent business laptop deals out there at the moment ?

    XP Professional or Vista Business ?
    Min 1Gb RAM (maybe 2Gb if opting for Vista)
    Min 120Gb hard drive
    Not too fussed on screen size
    Will not be running too many applications at once (no games)
    MS Office 2007 basic or better
    Decent battery life

    I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 for home use and am tempted to get another Dell for work. I know they had a few deals last month but there's nothing to make me think they have any 'not to be missed' deals on at the moment. I don't need to buy one today but would like to place an order by the end of this month.

    Budget up to £700 inclusive of VAT and delivery

    Thanks for any help in advance...


    Take a look at, they have a few Dells there with a 3 year Dell warranty

    Original Poster

    Will do... cheers

    You have exactly what I wanted too. Work use only web, e mails, WP. Have never used games. Would be interested to know what you get. My budjet maybe a bit lower though.

    wait till thurday to see if any deals are posted by Mike the dell guy and until then look at [url][/url], i used this to get my laptop
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