Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin?

    Who do you think was the most comedic, or had the natural talent to make people laugh by being funny, as well as clumsy?

    Buster Keaton gets my vote.He just looks as if he's the way he is in his films and short stories.Charlie Chaplin just looks to me as if he's acting in a Cicus.


    Harold Lloyd was always my favourite of all the silent era stars but would pick Buster Keaton over Charlie Chaplin just because of how dangerous and daring some of his stunts were.

    hooray for harold lloyd.... a pair of glasses and a smile! wow that takes me back 20 years or so they used to show him on a saturday morning i seem to remember. awesome.

    Buster Keaton

    harold lloyd

    Buster Keaton was a genius, in the one where he tries to kill himself and bends over in the road in front of two oncoming headlights, only for it to be two bikes that pass either side of him, legendary.

    Ive never really liked Chaplin although the one where he is a boxer is a good one.

    The ultimate though ? Laural and Hardy, noone comes close.

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    Harold Lloyd is really funny, but he looks like an actor from our time put back in time.Hard to explain, but he doesn't look like he's from that era.


    Harold Lloyd and Laurel & Hardy were much better.

    Buster Keaton without doubt takes first spot. A true genius..
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