But was this a good deal, really?

    My OH wanted a lappy for general surfing and some Word Processing etc
    my first thought was a netbook, but for £280 i got a Toshiba A300-10m (BN Sealed IB) as i felt the optical drive was v. important for adding software etc.
    Was this really a good deal?



    what is pcb?

    oh post count booster?

    why do people want high post counts?

    SS ur trolling pretty hard today... bored?



    don't you dare accuse me of trolling, that is so harsh!!!!!!!!!!! pbc - … don't you dare accuse me of trolling, that is so harsh!!!!!!!!!!! pbc - means well you know, but who cares? It's fun to those of us who want to do it, post count, rep etc means nothing!!!!!!!!!!!! not even worth explaining, but thanx anyway!

    calm down dear... no need to get ur knickers in a twist.... why do you want ur post count to go up? if it means nothing then why PCB?

    Its obvious that post counts give the person a numerical indicator as to how vacuous and pointless their existence really is. aka oxygen theives


    anybody's guess. you need to post full spec for proper answer.
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