Butane Gas Bottle

Posted 20th Aug
Anyone have any ideas how much these cost and where the best place is to get them? I have an empty 13kg bottle I bought second hand. I need one for the BBQ, if the weather let's me.

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What Brand is your empty ? You can only swap like for like. Where I live there's an independent 'Flowgas' ( now Shell?) dealer who is much cheaper than the likes of local garages ,etc.
I’m pretty sure for calor the prices are on the web site
I thought you had to have a certificate with the bottle to be able to get a rebate back that works on a sliding scale depending on how long you have had it?

I believe that it could only be worth a nominal amount of £2 or something without one?
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Budget gas if available where you live, don't need an empty to exchange and 13kg is about £27
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