Butlins Query

    Hi Guys
    I've altready had a Butlins post recently, but just wondering if anyone can tell me if Butlins offer a facility to buy the half board facility day by day. Like could i book to have breakfast and dinner like 2,3 or 4 days out've the week separtely? If so is this availiable if i book a private caravan on their site?

    Thanks for the help?


    No you cant book day by day on the website

    You can pay for the breakfast/dinner on a daily basis (morning and evening) but its quite expensive. I remember seeing outside last time we went there last year it was about £15 each for dinner approx etc. Could work out quite dear that way

    You can add it to the sun £9.50 hols but you must add every day and its not cheap......
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