Buy a Tom Tom Go Live and get your money back if England win World Cup

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Found 22nd May 2010
Is this a good deal? Is it likely England will win the World Cup this Year? Are they favourites? I wouldn't mind a free Tom Tom, but not if Tom Tom themselves don't expect England to win.…spx


lol England are 2nd jointed favourites to win with Brazil, Spain is first.

So its a risky choice!

btw TomTom are a Dutch you can take a guess what they believe..

buy before 8 June, leave unopened until either england get knocked out of the WC, or if you're lucky, they Win. The final is played July 11, but you should know how they're doing in the competition before that to judge how you think they will fair in the further stages.

IIf they get knocked out, returned the unopened item, if they win, open it and still get your money back

If your going to buy a tomtom anyway then it's a bonus if England won then making your tomtom free but very unlikely they are going to win because England are aweful and their other companies like the DSG group who are giving you £10 for every goal England score when you buy a tv as they are looking to bump sales with a very slim chance that they have to pay out much to customers

england were top scorers in the group so its likely they can get a good few, especially with the group they are in. I wiuld expect quite a bit of money back but obviously the complete refund is better in ways too and as disco said you could do that but i'm not sure how they'd react to you unopening it but having it for about a month.

theres no chance england are going to win there rubbish its all marketing schemes which get lots of customers a lot more than usual

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Reading the comments above, I don't think it's a deal worth getting. I don't think Englands chances are very good. Plus I don't know of many shops that would let you keep a product un-opened for a month then accept a return without charging a restocking fee or some sort making you a loss in the end.
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