Buy an iphone on 02, then use another 02 sim?


    I was after an iPhone but dont wnat the long contract. Was planning on buying a 02 iphone then unlocking it and using either a cheaper 02 contract or an 02 pay as you go sim, can this be done? If so is there a guide, there seems to be so much information on the net alot of it conflicting other bits of info.

    Also i was thinking of taking out a contract on 02 (to use with the iphone), then selling the phone with it and using that sim in my phone. Can anyone recommend an 02 contract on a 12 mont contract with a free phone that if i were to sell it would make the contract better than 02 sim only contracts? (hope this makes sense)




    I think I read somewhere the i-phone has a fixed sim

    it is sim locked so you cant use it with a different sim unless its hacked


    You can do this yeah you can buy the iphone and unlock it yourself or pay someone to do it if you are not confident how.
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