Buy an Xbox360 now or wait....

    I have been thinking about this for a while and now have 5 great games I got from here (thanks!)

    My question is should I get a 360 now or wait because of any price drop or more importantly a V2 - rumoured to be black with larger HDD and HDMI slot.

    The deal I have my eye on at the moment is…tml

    I'm not bothered about a price drop in more than 3 months as I'd rather spend a bit more now and have it for that time. However, I would wait longer if a V2 is due - word is that if any price drop or V2 was due it would have been announced at the Gamers Development Conference this week but not a peep which makes me think neither is on the horizon and that I should take the plunge?

    What to do!

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    Buy it now, the "new xbox" if it ever does materialise won't be in the next 3 months IMHO
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