Found 17th Oct 2007
I hear that ps2 games still work on 60Gb ps3's. That means you could continue buying PS2 games for the ps3 and they would still work?


True innit.

Theres a compatibility site somewhere innit

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Lol, thanks. Innit.

NP isit, I mean innit

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I have heard about the compatibility as well.....

Lots of innit's about tonight, innit?? :P

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Innit, it was the.tourist who started the innit rampage acroos the HUKD network innit.

Stupid innit?

funny tho innit

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Innit tho.

The 60GB PS3 is backwards compatible with the PS2 so you can continue getting PS2 games and play them on the PS3, here's a link to the website that shows which games are fully backwards compatible and which ones may experience a few problems: ]link (innit?)

Arsenal Fan knows the score innit

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Cheers for that Arsenal Fan.

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