Buy ps4 Pro now? Or wait after E3 convention.

Found 12th Jun
Sooo are the Sony announcements finished? What happens between 12-14th?

I was waiting to see if they release a new ps4 Pro color, slim model etc.

If not il just bite the bullet now and buy a bundle.

Advise please
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Conference is done and they have already announced no new hardware this year. Just buy it
They said prior to e3 no new hardware would be announced and guess what....nothing was announced.
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Despite all the hype, e3 was not very exciting at all.
12-14th is when the people at e3 play the games.
Thanks guys!
I've reserved a god of War bundle, going to pick one up later today.
Buy it the cost of the console once you sell when the new one comes out and worth buying will be worth the money
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