Buy telescopes from Aliexpress, good or bad idea?

Found 7th Nov 2016
As the heading states is this a good or bad idea? A friend of mine wants to buy one but I'm not to sure if he should opt for one of the ones from Aliexpress?

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Bought quite a bit of stuff from aliexpress, mostly CCTV stuff, never failed to arrive
Its not the issue of arriving its the quality, I've also ordered bits n pieces and all turned up, I'm currently waiting on a footy top & phone

With telescopes I'm not sure how good they are compared to dobs etc?
Depends I guess how serious the requirements. A good telescope is a precision engineered item, not exactly what you expect from Aliexpress goods but if your friend just wants something for a little bit of cheap fun then it might be ok.
AE sell some seriously expensive telescopes; buy from the most highly rated seller you can find with the product you want, and remember you will probably have to pay duty and VAT when it arrives.

The only things I advise people to avoid are flash memory products, my last year of buying was 2014, when every single purchase, regardless of seller rating - turned out to be fake - USB thumb drives, SD/microSD Cards and USB mp3 players.
The problem with Aliexpress is that you only have 15 days after you have received your item, to raise any problems, with your purchase. If it breaks down after this time, you have no further redress. Most sellers on ali are also on ebay.
I wont spend more than £10 on this site, after problems. Sellers are resistant to communicate.
Thanks for the info, I'll advise him to look on Ebay and about the VAT etc
It wouldn't surprise me if most of the scopes available in the UK were built in China. I've had 60+ transactions on AE and only a couple of issues, easily resolved.
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