Hiya, I'm new to this site. It's great - I wish I'd found it earlier!

    I have a couple of questions regarding the special offer at (free cosmetics worth £25 when you spend £10 and nectar points) -
    I have recently placed an order with this company.

    Have you made a purchase from this site and did you receive your free gifts, and how do you claim the nectar points?



    Welcome here missangela.

    If you have already purchased, I don't think you can claim the nectar points. You would have had to go through nectar, and login there in order for it to track. But it sounds like you just bought them from the link here.

    I didn't buy anything, but I read on other forums that people have successfully received their gift sets.

    Have you received anything yet?

    Original Poster

    Hi Emma, thanks for the warm welcome!

    I didn't know I had to order through nectar, I just followed the link from this site.

    No, I haven't received my order yet. It should arrive soon though, as it has been dispatched from the warehouse. They sent me an e-mail confirming this.

    Will let you know if I receive the free gifts!


    Hi missangela

    I ordered through buycosmetics awhile ago. No nectar points, but the delivery of the order was very fast and I received my free gifts - and they were good gifts. I sort of expected that it would have consisted of way-out-coloured left overs, but as conservative as I am, I have used everything they sent me and was very pleased. Good luck with your order.

    Yes - I saw on another site that the freebies were nice and neutral colours, nothing too funky. Seems great.

    Original Poster

    Hi gerikelly,

    I'm pleased to hear you had a good experience purchasing goods from, and that your free gifts were of a high standard.

    I can't wait for my order to arrive!


    Welcome to HUKD from me too

    I've also ordered from BuyCosmetics.Com and the free gifts are very good. They also offer a decent cashback rate if you buy through QuidCo too!

    DId you order a nice lipstick for yourself Ray? Or a lovely mascara??

    That's you that is... :arrow:


    My name's Emily Howard... I'm a laydeeeeee!

    Original Poster

    My order has arrived! I am really pleased with everything I have bought and the free gifts are really nice too!


    Brilliant angela. Good stuff!!!
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