A Moan about buying a used car in lockdown

Posted 10th Jan 2021
2nd of Jan 8:50am and I pulled up on the A40 behind an accident, the police were there and we werent going anywhere for at least 20 minutes, stayed about 50 yards away from the car in front and the car behind me did the same, both had our hazards on, black ice had caused it, as I stopped my car slid for a good few meters and the car behind me did the same actually swerving into the middle of the road to make sure he wouldn't hit me, but he stopped in plenty of time..

20 minutes later I was plowed into the rear by a Honda CR-V at about 50-60MPH.. I surprised I am here to type this, as other traffic slowed down obviously seeing our hazards, this moron decided to overtake the slowing traffic and put there foot down, only to see police cars and hazards and slam on the brakes, hitting the 'black ice' which caused them to spin down the road taking out the car behind me and then slingshotting it into myself.

So here I am now waiting on a settlement value, but the main issue I am seeing is I cannot visit showrooms, nor can I test drive a vehicle, as soon as my settlement is given I must give up the courtesy car (or Vauxhall Viva Van in my case as its all they had).

It seems there has been no leeway given to Key-workers & I care for a few disabled people, its not my main job as I have my own business, but it means I am all over South Wales caring for some vulnerable people, but now I cannot even buy a car without taking a risk on just simply accepting it as its advertised online..

I have seen many many used car places taking advantage of this, prices have gone up, and negotiation is impossible on price, warranties on used cars seem to have gone from 6 months to 30 days.. I would only ever buy a used car from a proper dealership, but even they have had their hands tied..

Bloody Virus!
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