Buyer beware, fake 2TB USB sticks on eBay UK

Posted 25th Jul 2016
Just thought I'd post about this for those that don't know.

Sellers botch USB drives to show 2TB instead of their native 16GB (or less) capacity then sell under fake brand names. Most people don't ever fill them but when the real capacity is full the stick just starts overwriting other data on there.

Here is an example. Feel sorry for the buyers:…png

Here is the (somewhat amusing) response I got from the seller. I have reported them and encourage you to do the same:…png

Don't fall for this!

- meagain
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Happened with supposedly respectable websites on here
never mind sodding ebay (_;)
wow, and it seemed legit too
would never buy any memory from ebay are amazon marketplace. Risk is too high for fakes
sebst2010 is the guy to avoid, some of his stuff looks legit like Samsung SD cards but I'm 99.99999% sure they are fakes too. No seller would risk starting a 128GB SD card at 0.01 delivered no reserve, so this in addition to this clearly fake item means it's probably fake.
Another point is that the memory they use is usually stuff that's failed quality checks so not only do you get a fraction of the memory you're supposed to but it usually performs poorly and doesn't last long. The reason I say this is I've come across some people who take the view that if they get the full memory it's a bonus but less is fine when that's not the case at all. A while back when 16GB cost around £30, a friend was boasting about a great deal he get on a 256GB stick for £20 which we pointed out was a very obvious fake. He claimed he'd managed to fill the drive but surprise, surprise on h2testw the stick only had 2GB memory with a pathetic read/write performance and it died completely within a month.

This has been going on for about 10 years now...
Not on eBay, coming from the UK, being sold under the Lenovo brand it hasn't...

This has been going on for about 10 years now...


Welcome to the party OP.
From another listing but obviously the same item....

"Fletcher's Electrical's Flash Drives are purchased at discounted prices from our manufacturer as they have not passed quality control tests. The Flash Drives have not met their performance standards which allows us to sell these at discount prices.

The capacity and speed of these Flash Drives can vary with a minimum of 8GB usable storage capacity and upwards, the Flash Drives may display more memory being available but errors may occur once the maximum usable capacity has been reached.

When purchasing this item please ensure you have read and understood the following information.

We advise you always make sure you back up your data whilst using any type of Flash Drive as we can not be held responsible for any loss of data, if any errors occur we recommend formatting the Flash Drive."

Seems legit.......
This listing does not make this clear tho lol. The ones that say the above are a bit less dodgy but still bad, but this is outright lying.

Yeah I know this has been going on for years, I've been victim to it in the past. However, I know a couple of people who use this site in real life who are likely to fall for this scam so I just thought I'd post about this again, surprising it's still going on.

A Lenovo Customer Service guy is looking into this after I contacted them, hopefully we see some legal action by them (fake brand) to get this stuff taken down.
I'm feeling helpful today, so here are the live links. fake listing
seller response
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Are 2tb drives even available? A 1tb would cost over £500
thanks for the links lol, it wouldn't allow the normal HUKD syntax for some reason in a misc thread for me.

no 2TB drives do not exist (flash drives anyway). not too long ago 2TB HDDs had only just come onto the market. I haven't seen above 256GB in a major retailer but there must be some, however this is just ridiculous

I'm feeling helpful today, so here are the live links. fake listingseller … I'm feeling helpful today, so here are the live links. fake listingseller response

I'm feeling helpful today too.
This might be better.....



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I DONT NEED TO WORRY, the 3tb Samsung pro I just bought for a fiver will be OK I'm sure!

2tb USB stick for 30 quid ha ha ha.
Noticed a couple of suspect flash drives on Amazon the other day, 128GB and 256GB unbranded examples both under £20 and surprisingly Amazon fulfilled.
there was a fake USB Hard drive coverage on fake Britain this week, catch it iplayer
Fake AA rechargables go upto 5000 mAh on ebay

Max possible is about is 2800mah for nimh

Fake AA rechargables go upto 5000 mAh on ebayMax possible is about is … Fake AA rechargables go upto 5000 mAh on ebayMax possible is about is 2800mah for nimh

Same thing with the 18650's
nothing new remember buying one 12 years ago, supposed to be 1gb was in fact 128mb stick.

Never bought storage from ebay since
don't trust this site- Vova Electronics…74/
They offer 2TB usb3 mem stick for 9.95 with paypal but when it comes to pay they only take credit cards. I think they're after my details for fraud.
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