Buyers experiences of Ebuyer - good, bad, or indifferent?

    I'm interested to know what other HUKD'ers feel about purchases from ebuyer, a trader that appears fairly regularly in deals here. I ask because before choosing them for some purchases of mine, I did what I always do and had a look round at what sort of feedback they'd received. Unfortunately, I now think that feedback was terminally flawed, given that I now discover they simply delete ad hoc any posts on the ebuyer forums that are in any way critical of any product of theirs!
    Such censorship should be rebuffed at every opportunity (its very nice to see the tongue in cheek statement on this board about 'go on, we can take it'). Its inevitable that with a large customer base some things go wrong, but the right way to deal with that is to address the problem, not ignore it and delete the posting! Please do post and say that I've merely been unlucky in finding an overzealous moderator, and that ebuyer are in other circumstances a good mob to deal with. (Apparently unlike ebuyer,) I'm happy to be in the wrong :whistling: :whistling:


    Moved to misc forum. From the sounds of things here, most people see to have good experiences of them. I think their customer service used to be terrible, but I think they have remedied that in the recent past.

    I'll vote yes as I have used them in the past, no probs whatsoever! :thumbsup:

    They are definitely reputable, my only complaint is the massive postage costs...I'd always go some where else other than ebuyer if possible because of that. Even Super Saver is a few quid, which just seems stupid because I am paying more there for ultra slow delivery than I pay most places for a few days!

    My only gripe is that they far too often increase prices when a product appears as a HOT DEAL...on the whole I've been pleased with the service I've received.
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