Posted 3rd Aug 2021
Hi folks, we just wanted to flag up a new section we’ve added to the website today - Buyer’s Guides. For the moment, it is on the desktop version of the website only (not the apps)

The deals, discussions and comments sections in this community are gold mines of money saving tips, important warnings and more - but we know that it can be hard to find that crucial post you saw weeks or months earlier, especially for newer visitors. We also know that the format of our comments and so on are not particularly friendly for search engines like Google, which prevents new people from finding us and contributing to the community.

So we are slowly beginning to bring into one place the great information and expertise that this community shares on a range of topics. The guides will be written by a range of authors - initially some of our Editors and external experts, and soon we plan to ask community members who are keen to get involved.

Each guide will have discussion links attached so you can let us know your feedback, and anything you think we have missed - and I’m sure these will evolve as we get a bit more experienced at pulling them together.

For now, here is a link to the section page and the first few guides:

Section page
Open Banking Explained
Consumer Rights
Cashback Sites

And the new hub is linked to from the main navigation at the top of the site

As ever, let us know any feedback
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