Groups takes longer than 5 minutes sad face ;_;

    Hi guys, how long do you usually have to wait to receive your code when ordered from this website? It's been 5 minutes now and I haven't received anything yet. Unless it's because it's 1:30 in the morning and they have actual people send the email to you instead of an automation service

    Needless to say I'm worrying that I might have been scammed, any feedback please?



    Lol 5 minutes? give them 24 hours geeze..

    im pretty sure it is actual people that email you the code so dont worry too much. it could take a few hours


    may be nice to take scammer out of your title too - lol

    someone a scammer after 5 mins ? get a grip

    im sure i read somewhere, send them automatically 5 mins after payment

    btw the company name won't show in the title on the browser as its a banned hukd term, but will show in the thread title i would remove everything and rewrite along how long it takes for xx to send code :lol:

    Original Poster

    I figured it's an automated service, not an actual person. I believe i put that in my post.

    no one except send it offer a automated service ........ all the codes are on cards, so need to be manually inputted and they need to be sure, the person buying is legit (e.g. not gonna go to paypal for non delivery) before they send

    its madness to send automatically, none of the other services do…ery

    All types of subscription will be delivered by email upon receiving the … All types of subscription will be delivered by email upon receiving the payments.The code will be delivered by email to your PayPal, Google Checkout or Profile email account.The code will be delivered as an attachment .JPEG Picture of the back of the subscription card with the code.Please check the junk folder of your email account if you are not received the code in timely manner before processing a request

    They are legit , I have ordered twice from them before, both took just over 24 hours. :thumbsup:

    these guys also send automated, but after there first transaction checks, the codes come in a message on there site,:thumbsup:…ogm
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