Posted 20th Jun 2022 (Posted 2 h, 14 m ago)
I'm looking to configure pc and looking to to get 32GB.
I see that 4x8GB is a bit expensive compared to 2x16GB, which one is better than other config.
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    Without knowing the specific spec, I'd go for 2x16. Normally better for expansion further down the line.
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    2 x16 is best
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    Each to their own. If you have no intention of upgrading at any stage in the future, 4*8 is better due to 2* dual channel mode Vs. Single dual channel mode. This is the THEORY.
    "2x dual channel mode" isn't a thing as far as I'm aware.
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    2x16 definitely. Leaves with the option to upgrade in the future.
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    To fully answer your question it would depend on bank switching and speeds. However the differences would not really be perceivable to an end user, even if they used a stop watch! I'd buy the cheapest option - 2x16GB would make sense if you intended to upgrade, although by the time the chance of upgrade comes round you may find better options... (edited)
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    The only big performance difference would be if this is a quad channel platform, in which case you'd want four sticks. That's generally only server systems and very high end desktop and workstation setups though.

    Beyond that there's a few minor things that might cause the choice to influence memory bandwidth slighty - there were some benchmarks in recent years showing a slight advantage to two ranks per channel for example.

    Very few normal PC applications are performance limited by memory bandwidth though, let alone heavily enough that such a difference will be noticeable.
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