buying a blackberry on payg

    i want to buy a blackberry pink or is it pearl for my daughter can anyone tell me how much i should be paying or if they have heard of any good deals - your help would be greatly appreciated as i am not sure what are the best deals are all i know is that i would prefer it to be unlocked or on o2 thanks


    Firstly I think you are refering to the Blackberry pearl 81xx series:)

    How much do you know about Blackberries? They are not your normal run of the mill phone!

    Firstly yes you can get an unlock Blackberry abd stick an O2 sim (or any other ecept 3 sim) in it and make calls and send texts, but that is about it.

    Blackberry offers much more - internet access via teh blackberry browser, push email (get your emails in real time) and Blackberry instant messaging (like MSN but over the mobile network) - but all of these need a blackberry enabled account and sim card - known as BIS - Blackberry Internet Service.

    Unless you really need to be on O2 maybe the recent deal with T-Mobile would be a better introduction to Blackberry as it comes preloaded with a Blackberry sim and one years BIS included - you just pay the normal PAYG reates for calls and texts.

    No sure if O2 do a PAYG Blackberry service but the do a rolling one month Simplicity Sim

    hth so far


    If buying second hand - beware there are pitfalls but thats another post!


    Don't forget quidco and try carphone warehouse.
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