Buying a car - Advice

    Hey everyone!

    I have booked myself in to view a car on Sunday.
    Link to car in 1st post...

    Just wondering what kind of things to look out for physically on the car that any normal person would not think to look at.
    Any questions that I could ask?

    I really like the look of the car, so would appreciate any pointers!



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    When I bought my car last year I rang the RAC whilst I was viewing it and they gave me some things to look for, especially hidden things that would otherwise be missed. They also checked basic history info as well as checking the price to make sure I wasn't paying too much for it. Don't have to be a member and I think it cost me £20 but was definately worth it as they were really helpful.

    Have a look at [url][/url] & [url][/url] , both these websites will give you things to look out for on each specific car

    For piece of mind I would spend a bit extra getting an RAC check or HPI check done. RAC can come and check the car out for you. I think the cost of getting them to have a look is about £60? Alternatively, you could get a basic RAC check or an HPI check done. This will let you know whether it's ever been involved in any accidents etc etc.
    Good Luck

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    Thanks for advice & pointers.
    On first glance, does that car seem good for the price & mileage it has?
    Hoping to part exchange my car too

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    Well, a little update for you all!
    Didn't get the above car in the end....went for the same one but else where at a cheaper price! :thumbsup:

    Won't get it until Wednesday as the wheels need to be refurbished...

    Again, thanks for the links provided!
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