Buying a car from Belfast

Posted 28th Dec 2009

Anyone knows the rules/procedures to buy a car from Belfast?

I am looking at a car being sold there but i dont know if i have to get the reg changed ?

Also, any special declaration etc or the normal process as in England where the lower part of the Log book transfer part is filled and sent off to DVLA
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You just have to reregister it with you as the new owner,you can choose whether to keep the NI plates or get a new reg assigned to it
Should imagine it's just the same. Cars in N Ireland usually get more money as the South of Ireland peeps are usually interested.
My hubby brought his car from England over to NI a few years ago. It's not a simple matter of just informing the DVLA of your new details, here in NI we have the DVLNI who for some Godforsaken reason do not have any way of dealing with the DVLA. You need to import the car, even though it's moving from one part of the UK to another, it doesn't cost anythign but it takes about 3 weeks. It's stupid!

You do have the option of keeping the old reg, or a new own will be issued FOC if you prefer.…htm

DVLNI details here, you can phone them and ask about how you go about exporting the car from Northern Ireland to the UK. It's a right fanny on, honestly.
hi the log book is different but if you keep the reg like our cars you need to send the log book to swansea to have it replaced with an english version and fill in the appropriate form for change of ownership. you do need to send the portion off to ni office first, as england, to clear the current owners name, and then transfer the registration on return to england onto an english style log book. they will explain it easily if you phone up or if you have a licensing office near you. we have never changed the regs on any and have done both eng to NI and NI to england.
if you wish to change to english plate then you will have to go through the system to have a new reregistration issued. of course private plates system and transfer is all the same as here. it is really handy having NI plate in car parks in england, as much easier to find imho. so just get them to send out the correct form, dont always get the correct one sent first. its much easier if you live near tax office.
incidentally if you are driving the car back, and its out of tax, get the previous owner to tax it first if you can as its so much easier and buys you the time to sort the rest of the paperwork out.
if you are not from belfast, beware of northern drivers, we are much slower, a lot have no idea where they are going, often stop dead for no reason. have no idea of lanes, and forget about indicators until after they do the maneouvre. just my honest opinion of my fellow countrymen. so do allow for that.
good luck with your purchase/
tessb;7354684 details here, you can phone … details here, you can phone them and ask about how you go about exporting the car from Northern Ireland to the UK. It's a right fanny on, honestly.

we never imported ours, must have slipped through the system. they just transferred ours direct. aha as piston heads say just let dvla do their thing with it and send you it. simples.
Many thanks to everyone who replied
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