Buying a car from dealer but V5 doesn't have their details.

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Posted 17th May 2015
Hi there's a car I'm interested in and the seller is saying they are dealer but have the car next to their home as they don't have space on the dealer site. They are selling lots of other cars. I've viewed it and done HPI check and it seems all ok.

Only thing is that they told me they bought the car from a previous owner and used the yellow slip on V5 so now the car is registered under trade. V5 has details only of previous owner not this dealer but has tax stamp. But the HPI is saying:

"Number of keepers before current keeper: 0".

Surely if this car dealer is the 2nd keeper it should have said 1 on the quote above during HPI check right?

This makes me think that they aren't actually the registered keeper or is this normal because using the yellow slip I heard keeps the number of owners down? Hope all think makes sense!
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    Should be fine, the yellow slip enables the dealers to buy the car without becoming the registered keeper, as they are not keeping the car, just selling it on. It's the previous owners details you will find on the v5, not the dealers.
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    Above comment is spot on. Should be fine as previous owners details are all that's required on V5. Plus being a dealer you should get a receipt of purchase anyway.
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    If you have not done so already, take a copy of the details from the V5 Registration Document in-hand with the seller, on the pretence of obtaining insurance quotations, & try to contact the previous owner to enquire upon details of the previous sale.

    Taking photographs using a handheld device is better than taking notes as all the details are captured in seconds, & you can filter through these at your leisure, rather than being pressured to not record absolutely everything.

    The previous owner may not be contactable (or wish to discuss the sale), of course.

    Do you have the current seller's business details? Have you tried ringing or calling during business hours, & asking to speak with the seller that you have met at his own property? Have you checked trading details with the Companies House web site?
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    Dealers do not become "keepers" of the vehicle. The fact that they are not registered on the v5 is better than an "at home" trader who is not really a dealer so they MUST register the vehicle in their name to get the v5 document.

    The fact the yellow part if the v5 is gone is the correct way to do it. Nothing to worry about. Just make sure you get an invoice for the car showing the dealers correct details as well as their vat number which should be applicable if they sell "a lot of other cars"...
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    How confident are you his story stacks up?
    Couldn't fit it in the dealer car park?
    Oh, and be careful, the hpi wing spot a cloned car.
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    dealers don't usually like to register themselves as keepers and they only usually have the vehicle for a short time and sell it on. otherwise some vehicles could have 3 previous owners all being dealerships yet it may never have been driven on the road for example. If you are in doubt ask what garage he owns/works at and visit them to see if it all above board.
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    P's not everyone is dodgy BUT if you have doubts don't buy!
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