Buying a car from dealer but V5 doesn't have their details.

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Posted 17th May 2015
Hi there's a car I'm interested in and the seller is saying they are dealer but have the car next to their home as they don't have space on the dealer site. They are selling lots of other cars. I've viewed it and done HPI check and it seems all ok.

Only thing is that they told me they bought the car from a previous owner and used the yellow slip on V5 so now the car is registered under trade. V5 has details only of previous owner not this dealer but has tax stamp. But the HPI is saying:

"Number of keepers before current keeper: 0".

Surely if this car dealer is the 2nd keeper it should have said 1 on the quote above during HPI check right?

This makes me think that they aren't actually the registered keeper or is this normal because using the yellow slip I heard keeps the number of owners down? Hope all think makes sense!
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