buying a car locally?

    hey guys and gals....looking to buy a vitara...or jeep type car...

    ive tried auto trader, ad trader and my local paper...not many there...also tried ebay...i dont mind travelling but needs to be worth it lol..anyone know any other websites etc to look for cars???


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    also anyone know any other make of car that is maybe similar to the suzuki vitara jeep???

    Have you had a look at fords of winsford?


    got my current motor from there 5 years or so ago!

    Taz first things first, get a Parkers car guide book

    It will tell you the reliabilty of the make etc and help you with your decision,
    to be honest tho, if your not in a well paid job dont think about a jeep.

    All they do is guzzle the gas, the tyres arent cheap and sometimes their stiff on acceleration.

    The handling is pants aswell.......

    The only similar sort of cheap 4x4 I can think of is a Daihatsu Sportrak, which isn't much better!

    no need to buy a parkers guide - use the online one!


    Why do you want a vitara! Are you a hairdresser!:giggle:
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